Cameron Richard

Farmer's Son

Cameron is the 5th generation Richard working on the farm. Cameron graduated from Sherando High School and continues to help on the farm. He manages security for the farm and during festivals, he helps direct traffic and parking. He loves to help with landscaping and taking care of the animals on the property.

Mary Richard

Farmer's Mother

Married into the 3rd generation farming family, Mary still runs the market today. She grew up in Kernstown, VA and loved to play softball. She graduated from James Wood High School, fell in love and married James Richard, Sr. in 1953 . They had two children: Debbie and James Jr (Eddie). Mary’s passion for the farming community has shown through her love of the market. You will always see her smiling face when you enter the stand. She loves baking, planting, taking care of her flowers and helping customers. Her love for her family is ever-growing, Mary is a grandmother of 4 and a great grandmother of 4 (5th one coming in Oct 2018.)

Eddie Richard


Being the 4th generation, Eddie has been dedicated to the farm his entire life. He graduated from James Wood High School and then on Lord Fairfax Community College. After graduation, he married and had 3 children. The oldest is Chase, then Cameron, and the youngest is Kayla. Eddie’s passion follows in the footsteps of his parents and his love of farming has also shown thru the market. He loves to to show customers that the product is grown or raised right on the property. He is a proud grandfather of 1 (2nd coming in October 2018) and will always be ready to talk about farming or his kids.

Kayla (Richard) Lawrence

Farmer's Daughter

Kayla is the 5th generation Richard working the farm. After she graduated from Sherando High School, she moved out west and went to Colorado Mountain College. She then met her husband and they continued to live out west for 8 years. The love of farming and animals has never left her, so they moved back to Virginia in 2015 to learn and help with the farm. She now works side by side with her grandmother and father. Her desire to learn to grows daily as she meets new customers and works on the growing side of production. Her and her husband Matthew, are expecting their first child in October 2018.